AutoMi helps you save money, with an efficiently accounting service platform.

To Save More Money:

     1. Enter most data by yourself, like Sales, Receipts and Expenses

     2. Ensure the Bank Statement agree with your data

     3. AutoMi periodically close the book for you and ensure its integrity, process all accounting related entries, like accounting adjustments, profit and loss and depreciation.

To Save More Time:

     1. Upload your bills, Bank Statements etc... let AutoMi handles for you

     2. Only enter data that can help you run your business, like Sales Data

AutoMi's flexible accounting service platform gives you the freedom to decide. Either saving money or time, is totally up to you. As you grow your business, you can allocate workload to AutoMi or your staff flexibly. And you only need to recruit people with skills that can help your business, instead of doing accounting. AutoMi will provide professional advice to you to ensure compliance.