Advertising Company automate their Media Sales and Purchase and Accounting with AutoMi Automation and ABSS MYOB Accounting Software

Tue, 10/13/2020 - 10:46 admin

Service purchase and sales process can sometimes be more complex and difficult to track than physical goods buy and sell. Our customer helps their client buy and prepare media space to announce or promote their company.

Automation removes Complexities

As there are many media, position and color and combination of position types, the pricing of buying and selling media position can be quite difficult to track. With AutoMi Automation system to extend and customize ABSS MYOB Accounting functions, the system automates most of the manual Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice and Sales invoice preparation work efficiently and accurately. The process starts from placing purchase to media, the Purchase Order will be converted to Sales invoice and Purchase Invoices with no repeated data entry. The process is streamlined so each department can work smoothly together, with just a few clicks.

No more Departmental Repetitive Workload

As the invoice layout for sales and purchase are quite different from ordinary physical goods buy and sell, the customized print layout using their dot-matrix printer help the team finish the repeated daily work of printing effortlessly. With the sales and purchase details created in the AutoMi Automation system, account receivable and payable integration with ABSS MYOB Accounting system is just a click away.

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