e-commerce automates their HKTV Mall sales process with AutoMi and ABSS MYOB Automation

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Trading Company transformed to online e-commerce business with the help of AutoMi Automation and HKTV Mall

A trading company aggressively transform itself to an online e-commerce business through various online sales channels. One of the sales channels, the HKTV Mall has helped them generated a lot of business. With good business their operation finds it hard to keep up with all the orders and inventory tracking and accounting work.

With the help of AutoMi Automation, the company integrated data extracted from the HKTV Mall, automatically converted the orders into internal sales system and removed most manually data entry and book-keeping and accounting work. The inventory tracking can also be updated using the ABSS MYOB accounting and inventory system.

HKTV Mall Online Store and ABSS MYOB

As HKTV Mall currently does not provide an Application Program Interface (API), user needs to login to their website, download the daily order report, and save it to a designated folder. User can click just one button and then import all unimported orders to the AutoMi Automation System.

As the Sales Kit Unit (SKU) may have bundled items which may or may not match the internal ABSS MYOB accounting system item code, the AutoMi Automation system let user define bundles, so the process of importing order details to the ABSS Accounting system is fully automatic, even if the item number or bundle is not matching.

Sales analysis can also be automatic with the AutoMi Automation system. With all the details provided by HKTV Mall, user can study and analyse their sales and make decision on how to best design their sales strategy. 

Customer is happy with the solution and saved a lot of manual work:

“MYOB and AutoMi has helped us develop an easy to use solution. It automated the data transfer from our HKTV Mall online store with our MYOB accounting software system, saved us a lot of the manual work."

— Million Base International Ltd

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels



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