AutoMi speeds up your Sales and Purchase work by:

     1. Just select Customer, Product, record Sales in seconds
          - Account Receivable and Payable automatically updated
          - Customer Statements automatically updated and prepared

     2. Or add richer formatted text, spec and images to your transaction documents

         invoice with rich content

     3. Use the Form and Report Designer, customize your output (PDF or print) as you desired

     4. Track Sales and Purchase Progress at a glance with colored-code
          - Paid invoices are shown in green
          - Color-coded delivery progress of products and service progress in yellow, blue and green (delivery completed)
          - Service delivery can be tracked by line amount instead of quantity

     5. Automatically updated Inventory Level at multiple warehouses, even using various Units (like pounds, kgs)

     6. Start your process any where you want
          - Starts from Quotation at first customer contact, convert to Order, Invoice and Delivery later
          - Or starts from Delivery, combine multiple Delivery Note into a single invoice later

     7. Open to integration, let us know which online store system or point of sales you are using to enhance automation

You do not need skilled staff to use AutoMi, anyone with basic computer skill can use it.